Phi Kappa Tau
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Phi Kappa Tau is a national social fraternity which was established on March 17, 1906 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The AO Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was founded in 1928 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. The AO Chapter is currently inactive, but the alumni have not forgotten their lives there.

 [News] Suddenly, in February 2023, there was a flurry of activity from the brotherhood. It started with an article from 2018 about the 225 Reeder Street property, then a flood of reminiscences. So good to hear from everyone and see the pictures they sent along. Stream of consciousness comments and pictures posted.
In 2017, at the initiative of Henry Ryder '66, the wind-up funds were rolled into a scholarship fund in memory of Victor Partridge '59 and Edwin Washington '59. You can see correspondence on the fund and follow it's progress with this link

I shot the 1970 composite for a 30-year trip back in time. Have we changed? (Also the 1968 composite, but it had the cover glass broken and needs restoration.)
Added is the Alphacron from the 1970 year. Enjoy!

The plans for the 2001 reunion didn't go well either. See Henry's letter for more.

The mini-reunion on Saturday, 10/21/2000 at 225 Reeder Street. You may read the announcement.

Our 12th mini-reunion was held after the Homecoming game with Bucknell on 10/23/99. News from that event is posted on the 1999 news page. Henry sent out a letter in August 1999 to those for whom he has addresses.

Our 11th mini-reunion was held after the Homecoming game with Towson on 10/25/97. News from that event is posted on the 1997 news page. Henry sent out a letter on 9/19/97 to those for whom he has addresses.

We held our 10th annual mini-reunion at Lafayette's Homecoming '96 on Saturday, September 28, 1996. Had a good time meeting old and new friends; even celebrated Judy Ryder's birthday with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday and cake. 1996 News from that reunion is posted as well. Many thanks to Henry Ryder '67 for setting up this and the other reunions.

You may wish to visit the Phi Kappa Tau Internet Site to learn more about the Ø K T Fraternity and its other Chapters.

Take a trip back in time by viewing the 1967, 1968 and 1970 composites. Also, see if you can identify those band members in the Alphacron photo. If you have something to quiz us about, send a note to me. Bob Coraor put one of the Alphcron's online at rootsweb (may not still be available)..Bob also posted a lot of pictures from back then as well.

You can send in your e-mail address from our comment page or send me an e-mail. Also, visit our chapter e-mail directory. Extracts of the comments may be accessed by selecting the name link on the e-mail page or by viewing the AO-notes page.

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