News about the October 1997 Reunion

Post-Reunion Report below the pre-reunion news. October 7, 1997
(Homecoming '97 announcement was sent out around September 19, 1997)

Current list of attendees expected for our 11th mini-reunion:
Don Estler '51, Mark Weisberger '55, Jim Vorosmarti '57, Dave Edwards '66, Henry Ryder '67 (daughter Carrie '00 and son Steve '01 will be on a Marquis Scholars trip to Harlem on the 25th), Jeff Taylor '73 (hopes to bring son Michael '01). (Note TWO alumni children in '01!) Expect more responses in the next 2 weeks.

Sending their regrets:
Frank Barnako '33, Herm Beam '33, W. O. Klotzbach '36 (doesn't travel much but "regards to all"), Henry Danzig '38 (also sends regards to all but can't attend because of illness in family), Bob Goodfellow '51 (eight grandchildren and "still busy"), Bob Blackwell '51, Ed Cotton '53, Norbert Smith '59 (hopes to attend next year), John Saeger '60, Bob Gottheiner '60, Dave Lomet '61 ("Best wishes to all at the reunion. Sorry I can't be with you"), Steve Eccher '65 ("Thanks for including me. I'll make it one of these years"), Bob Drimmer '66, Steve Sharp '70 and Jim Forbes '70 ("Would love to make it some year")

We send our condolences to Mrs. Frank Spitale on the death of her husband Frank '39 on September 1, 1997.

(update 10/19/97)
Ron Lesher '64 has said he will be attending as will Henry Van Dyke '58. Don Mildrum '53 sent his regrets from Punta Gorda, FL. Dave Williams '61 (I think) sends regrets ftom VA. He writes that tennis is on hold due to a foot injury last summer but he has been singing opera professionally "doing Verdi's Attila in Sept. and Bellini's La Sonnabula in Oct. Both were with the Washington Concert Opera with the leads coming from the Met, Covent Garden and La Scala."

(Update - post reunion (10/26/97) Our eleventh annual reunion was the smallest to date, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. The weather in Easton was pretty miserable - cold and damp, but not much rain except during halftime when a few hearty alumnmi assisted the Peppers in their half time performance. The game was a yawner (although for a team going into a game with only one victory, even a yawner is exciting, more or less). Towson (no longer "State" so they fit better as the newest member of the Patriot League) never showed much offense in falling to the Pards 38-0. Whenever Towson mounted any kind of a threat, they either threw an interception (I counted at least 4, maybe more) or were penalized. They had ll kinds of penalties called against them - illegal pass (in front of the line of scrimmage), illegal receiver, roughing the kicker, roughing the receiver (they flattened our receiver just after he caught a punt), to recall a few. I don't think they ever had the ball inside our 40 yard line.

At our reunion in the East Wing of Marquis - appropriately decorated for us with flowers from Friday night's capital campaign kickoff - a small but enthusiastic group of us chatted until about 7:45: Jim Vorosmarti '57, who brought with him a couple of cases of beer from the local microbrewery, Ron and Annabel Lesher '64 and their son Peter '90 and his wife, Dave Edwards '66 and his wife Elma, myself and my wife Judy and Jeff Taylor '73, his wife Pat '74 (I think) and son Mike '01. We are already making some special plans for the 1998 reunion on October 17. More on that later. Also planning to attend but unable to so so were Mark Weisberger '55, Don Estler '51 and Henry Van Dyke '58.

Chuck Hacker '68 says " I wish I could make it. Atlanta is just too far away. But give my regards to the guys."
And from Roberto Rios '57 in Guatemala: "Congratulations on keeping up this reunion. Too bad I am so far away. Maybe next year."

Since we are still relatively solvent, we voted to donate $100 to the Peppers, the student-organized pep band, who were sporting new uniforms (financed by alumni contributions) at the game.

So Phi Tau at Lafayette lives on - the only defunct living group with a yearly reunion, and the only living group, defunct or otherwise, with a web page.

Please keep in touch.

Going far?

I have addresses of all above mentioned alumni. Please contact me if you would like to contact one of these brothers (or check the e-mail directory and notes page).

Posted on October 19, 1997. Updated on October 26, 1997.


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