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We just started this as well, so it may take a while to build. If you'd like to send in news or a comment, you can use the comment form to do so. With your permission, I'll add a link to your name on the e-mail page so others may read up on your goings-on.


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Rev. Robert L. Blackwell '51
Happy to learn our chapter has this page. I'll visit it often. I am retiring from pastoral ministry May 31, 1997 after serving forty-three years as a minister in the United Presbyterian Church (USA) and thrity-two of them at the First Presbyterian Church of Arlington, Kearny, NJ By the way, I did not recognize the brothers in the 67 band picture. I was a band member from 47-51 under the leadership of Dr. John Raymond. [5/3/97]
Theodore R Swenson '51
Pleasantly surprised to find this PKT home page. I think it's a great idea except that I don't expect to find many old geezers from my days at Lafayette on the net. I"m glad to see Rev Blackwell from my class here. Another one to get on the list is Don Estler also from '51. Bob Chrisman from the class of '50 also is on the net.
We have been living in Hinsdale, Il, a suburb of Chicago, since 1963.
I spent a number of years in the electronics industry and in 1964 went into the insurance and financial planning industry untilabout 3 years ago and then went into residential real estate, which is something I always wanted to do, and am enjoying it very much. We haave 3 kids, Paul who is 50 and has his own business locally, Barbara who was born in '52, a Physical Therapist, a graduate of University of Missouri, married with 3 kids and living with her family locally, and our youngest, Maggie, born in '56an RN, garaduate of Rush University in Chicago, married with 3 kids and now living in Miami.
Helen and I were back for our 45th Reunion in'96 and had a great time and thought the campus looked great. We are planning to be back for the 50th and hope to see a lot of you there.
Would love to hear from any of the older Phi Taus who are on the net. [12/7/00]

Richard R. Fyfe '63
(BSChE, Lafayette 1964), (MSChE, Columbia Univ. 1966), (Doctor of Engineering Science, Columbia Univ. 1969). 35 years in chemical industry. Currently retired and living in Duncan, Oklahoma. Wife Marlis took U.S. Citizenship after 40 years of U.S. residency, in June 2005. Son Peter (BSCE, Lafayette, Class of 1991), (MSCE, Univ. of Texas, 1993}, professional civil engineer in Houston TX. Son Stewart (BSEE, Lafayette, Class of 1993), (BA English, Univ. of Pittsburgh), MA Motion Picture Anal. (Univ. of Wisconsin), currently doctoral cand., Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. Granddaughter Grace (Peter). .....................................Dick Fyfe, Class of 1963(64) (5 yr plan) [9/12/05]

John Baildon '65
I retired in 2008 after teaching math at the Penn State campus here outside Scranton for 38 years. My wife Rachel and I have two children and two grandchildren (almost 4 and 5 1/2 years old). We keep busy with helping out at church and our local library. We enjoy traveling (Egypt, China, and Israel, in the past), but budget restrictions make it about an every other year occasion. This September we were able to go on a river cruise between Moscow and St. Petersburg with my big brother Ron Lesher '64 and his wife Annabel. We get back to Lafayette every so often for a football or basketball game. Hope to hear from other brothers from our era. If you are passing through the Scranton area, give us a call; we are the only Baildons in the phone book. . . . . John Baildon ‘65 [1/7/11]

Clarence F. Curry '65
I am semi retiree and living in Pittsburgh. I have my own consulting firm and have been working with the City of Pittsburgh and the Sports and Exhibition Authority on some major construction and development initiatives. My wife, Agnes and I have been married for 44 years and have been blessed with two children, their spouses and five grand children.
I visited Lafayette 3 or 4 years ago, spoke to some current students, and was interviewed for a project documenting the experience of minority and women students from the 60s and 70s.
I have lost track of most of my classmates and would be happy to hear from any of you.
Clarence [12/30/10]

Dave Edwards '66
I recently had dinner with Steve Cunerd, 64, while I was in the Valley Forge area. Steve is doing fine and is thinking about retiring. However, he did have a minor heart attack in the fall of '97......[4/21/00]

Elma and I moved back to Maryland [Clarksville] in 1997 after spending 14 years in Albuquerque, NM. I have been working for The Aerospace Corporation for the past 20+ years. Presently working on weather satellites. My two sons are out of college and getting ready to enter medical school in the fall. Since moving back to the East Coast, I have been slowing reconnecting with the Phi Tau crew. In August 97 Steve Cunerd, Ron Lesher, myself, and our wives has a reunion at Lesher’s old family "estate" on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Neil Meade is now our family doctor; he may have gained ten pounds from his college days. I gave a talk on the next generation of weather satellites to the Physics Club at Lafayette in Sept 98........[12/31/98]

Henry Ryder '67
Incidentally, our son Steve will join Carrie ('00) at lafayette next year. He plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. [5/4/97]

Hal Crane '68
Since the last update - a decade ago - quite a few changes. Both of our daughters are married. Our eldest, Shoshana, now has two wonderful sons, five years old and six weeks old. Our youngest daughter lives in RI and is planning a trip to Denmark and Norway shortly. I have been able to take several trips to Israel over the last decade and have loved every minute. My job at Pathmark disappeard in connection with the takeover of the company some five years ago. Pathmark is now owned by A & P which is now bankrupt. Hal [6/15/11]

Jim Strauss '68
My youngest daughter, Ilana, is now a freshman at Lafayette and loving it. As a result, I'm spending alot more time at the college than I thought possible. I keep running into many people from Phi Tau who don't sem to fully connect or come back to mini-reunions.

PS. I think I have the original '65 and '69 composites in my basement. [10/20/00]

Ernie Wynne '68
Great to find Phi Tau alive on a website after all these years. Moved here to Washington, DC five years ago from Minneapolis, MN where I lived for 15 years. I am Chief of Ob-GYN for Kaiser Permanente here in the District. I actually live on Capitol Hill and would like to hear from anyone near or just passing through. [10/5/99]

Bob Cook '69
Prompted by the recent mailing (and recognizing a few names) I respond....
I work as a research scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in CA. I previously taught Chemistry at the alma matter for 8 years but was deemed unsuitable for tenure. Eileen, who some of you may remember from my Lafayette days, is now married for a third time and lives in Indiana. My oldest son, Andy, who roamed the house on Reeder street from time to time got his PhD from MIT and is now at Argonne Nat. Lab. My other son, Danny, born during my senior year, will (hopefully) finish his PhD at Univ Alabama next spring. Be glad to hear from any I overlapped with. My best to all. [9/30/97]

Roger Pommerenke '69
I've been living in Roanoke Virginia since 1981. I work at GE in Quality Control. Before that I lived abroad and installed the equipment that GE exported. I divorced about 7 years ago and have a 16 year old son. That sums it up. [5/6/97]
See new web site submitted...http://www.roanokeskiclub.org/Pommerenke/ [5/23/02]

Ed Bartosh '70
Well, we are getting settled in Australia. Betty and I are pretty much retired - although I am still doing some web site work with my new project - www.YarraGlen.com. Pretty nice area to live in. Have met loads of new friends in the neighborhood (surrounding 10 mile radius). Lots of wine to drink as we have to visit all 40 of the wineries with cellar doors in the neighborhood. (where do you think we met our new friends?) Still living in rented digs while working towards building our new home. More when that project is completed. Track us from bartosh.com. [9/13/05]
Rob Natelson '70
Hi Ed! I'm just writing to say "hello". I live in Montana now -- Professor of Law, University of Montana. I ran unsuccessfully for governor last year. I'm also the host of a prominently local public affairs talk show.

I wish I lived close enough to attend reunions. Give my regards to everyone! [5/13/97]

Chris Bailey '71
I don't know where to start with our lives. The Christmas cards don't seem to do justice to what we have been up to. We don't have horses, we have girls. Kara is a Sophomore at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA . It seems that she is working of a Poli Sci degree. She is our diver and independent thinker. Last year she went out for the diving team and was doing well. Then the coach got into the act and tried to tell her that diving was more important than studies and class help. After telling him where he could get off, she stopped diving. This year she went back to the coach and laid out her plan for diving. She is willing to practice on a limited schedule, and dive at meets when her class work is not at risk. After thinking it over, the coach agreed to her program. Perhaps she does belong in Poli Sci.

Kristin is a Freshman at Penfield High School and more of a student than her sister. She definately works harder at it, but the results are a source of pride for her (even though she cannot talk about it...she might get the label of being a geek) She is our field hockey and horse riding jock. The field hockey is a great source of release for her in the fall, and the riding takes over for the rest of the year. At 14, she is more than a handfull at times. A trace of her father's attitude?

Noreen is still with Eastman Kodak (at least at this time). They are in the midst of yet another downsizing. Not what one would call a fun place to be working. She is a manager in the information services for the consolidated corporation financial systems.

On the other hand, I have a great job, or at least I think so. Several years ago I started a Certified Public Accounting practice in Rochester. It has grown from just me to a respectable local firm. We specialize in income taxation, litigation services, business valuations, and small business consulting. I will dig out one of our brochures and send it to you one of these days. Seriously, I have found what I want to do at least until I grow up.

A couple of years ago I began to take up fly fishing again. When my father was alive, we would go together. It was a time that I haven't forgotten, and I am trying to recreate it. As when I go hunting (I sit in the woods with my book and read) it is a time for peace, reflection, and a quiet time with nature.

That's all for now. Please get me on the distribution for the Phi Tau reunions. As I noted to Henry, I would like to rekindle those friendships. [11/5/97]

Ray Beauvais '73
I've been a left coaster ever since graduation in 1971,
I'm living in Eugene,OR now. That's about 500 miles north of Davis. I did live in Beserkley for 19 years so I am somewhat familiar with Solano County. Needless to say I haven't made any alumni homecomings.

So drop me a line if you would like to catch up on thirty years.

Fraternally, Ray Beauvais [10/3/99]

Stan Grubman '73
Since my last entry, my daughter, Alison, has graduated from RIT and is currently learning American Sign Language to be an interpreter for the deaf. My son, Joshua, is a senior at Lafayette, trying to decide what he wants to do after he graduates. I retired after Pfizer acquired Warner-Lambert and, with my wife, Judie, live in Florida.[8/30/02]

My son, Josh (10th grade), was browsing the Lafayette home page in search of college information and came across your home page. Great idea having a Phi Tau page and what's most impressive is that my son actually said he liked your graphics! I'm living in NJ and working at Warner-Lambert Company as Vice President and Associate General Counsel. My daughter, Alison, is finishing her freshman year at RIT and my wife, Judie, is a computer techie for CompUSA. [5/14/97]

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