News from the September 1996 Reunion

Our 10th mini-reunion was attended by:

Charles Hoffman '50',
Andy McClay '51,
Don Estler '51,
Henry Van Dyke '57,
Jim Vorosmarti '57,
Bob Rossman '58,
Dan Weinberger '58 (from South Africa),
John Saeger '60 (recently retired from Pa. Power and Light and quite busy with community activities),
Ron Lesher '64,
Drew Anderson '65,
Dave Edwards '66 (in the midst of a move to Silver Spring Md),
Henry Ryder '67,
Jim Strauss '68,
Ed Bartosh '70 (just remarried and living in California) and
Mike Cohen '70.

Not attending but sending their regrets were:

Bernard Taylor '28,
Frank Barnako '33,
Dan MacMurray '34,
Paul Felton '35,
Willis Klotzbach '36,
Henry Dantzig '38,
Bill Wallace '50 (who, with his wife Ethel, is full time RVing, currently in the southwest),
Bob Blackwell '51 (retiring in May 1997 and moving to Tobyhanna, PA),
Bob Goodfellow '51,
T.R. Swenson '51,
Tom Boate '52,
John Smiley '52 (recovering from recent surgery),
Ed Cotton '53 (retired from USX and golfing 12 months out of the year),
Charles Matyas '55 (retired from NY City Municipal Archives),
Mark Weisberger '55,
Chuck Lusch '57,
Noel Nilson '57 (promises to be back in '97),
Ron Rudderow '57 (ditto),
Larry Marcus '58,
Hank Weeks '59,
Bruce Brundage '60,
John Strand '60,
Dave Williams '60 (retired, sings in opera and theater, and plays tennis - ranked 9th in Va and 19th in Middle Atlantics last year for 55 and over singles. Tennis, anyone?),
Gerry Paist '61,
Larry Schwartz '62 (hopes to make it in '97),
Dick Fyfe '64 (still with Hoechst Celanese with plans to retire in 2006 and if he has paid off his 2 Lafayette B.S's by then, he'll think about coming east),
Bob Singer '65,
Bill Raver '68 (President - elect of the Lafayette Alumni Association),
Ken Ross '72, and
Jeff Taylor '73.

I'd be happy to provide addresses if someone wants them. (or check the e-mail directory)

Also, I have reserved Marquis East wing in perpetuity. The forseeable schedule for our Homecoming reunion is:

Future dates will be forthcoming.

Posted on October 2, 1996


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