Tilly's Baby

(up to 3 months old)
(later pictures on subsequent pages)

Active, healthy baby colt born at 12:40AM, 3/15/2000
Mother and Baby fine.

Dam: Hasta Maņana, Thoroughbred

Sire: Freestyle, Oldenburg

6/12/2000 (about 3 months old)


mother and resting colt (3/29/2000)


Hasta Maņana received 96 points on her inspection and was entered in the Main Mare Book of the Oldenburg Registry North America. pFerdy received an overall score of "8.0" on his inspection and was judged as a Premium Colt. (7/16/00)

pFerdy Freestyle Frappant Werther Wendekreis
Gretchen Graphit (Grande)
Batida Bolero Black Sky xx
St.Pr.St. Labine Lausbub
Hasta Maņana xx Regal and Royal xx Vaguely Noble xx Vienna xx
Noble Lassie xx
Native Street xx Native Dancer xx
Beaver Street xx
Tomorrow's Love xx Irish Tower xx Irish Castle xx
Royal Loom xx
Kaput xx Honey Jay xx
Pink Tinge xx

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Posted 3/15/2000. Last updated 8/17/00.