American Ex-Servicemen's Association

    "All gave some; some gave all"
    Melbourne Australia


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Service, December 2022
at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance

Karla Brown, Consular Chief - click to enlarge
Karla Brown, Consular Chief, US Consulate General, Melbourne speaking
Captain Kevan Quarderer, USN - click to enlarge
Captain Quarderer, US Naval Attaché speaking
Karla Brown and Captain Quarderer - click to enlarge
Karla Brown and Captain Quarderer lay a wreath
Warren Sapir, AESA President - click to enlarge
Warren Sapir, AESA President laying a wreath
AESA members - click to enlarge
AESA members at the service (L-R): Michael Ramos, Charles Csabi, Bill Burrell, Scott Birnie, Warren Sapir and Ed Bartosh


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